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Anxious, Stressed or Overwhelmed?

Whether you are asleep, awake, eating, bathing, working or engaging in any activity, you need energy.  Energy is what fuels your body’s internal functions, repairs, builds up and maintains cells and body tissues, fuels the external activities all of which enable you to interact with the physical world.

Feel like you need a reset or boost?

It has been one of the weeks, months …. seems like forever where nothing seems to work or fit or you simply feel like you are not comfortable in your own skin.  The reasons can be many but often the culprit is stress.  Maybe it’s been a crazy project at work, or you had a sick parent you have been dealing with or will be dealing with for a long time.

Pain, Tension or Headaches?

A migraine, tension headaches or other type of headache can keep you in bed for days.  The physical pain is not only felt, but after days, weeks, sometimes months of just not feeling well or being in pain often has an affect on your emotional wellbeing.

First Responders, Cancer Patients or Veteran

The number of veterans using complementary and alternative medicine has increased dramatically in the past decade. The Department of VA has helped increase access to these treatments that help veterans manage life after combat. Also more of the Cancer Treatment Centers and Hospitals are looking for better ways to help patients deal with these cancer issues and side effects, Reiki is truly making a difference.

Hot Stone Toe/Foot Massage & Benefits

The stones can be placed along your back (spine area), torso, chest, feet, palms and toes. Sometimes a hot stone massage can be alternated with a cold stone massage to help reduce the redness and engorgement of the vessels across the body.

Something for your Pet

Reiki and healing energy have many benefits for your pet ranging from relaxation, supporting healing, helping with grief or anxiety, or even helping with behavioral issues.  Sometimes

the effects of a session can be seen immediately, sometimes it take a few sessions.

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