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K.C., RI

Elaine has so much knowledge and advice about natural healing as well as ways to strive to reach your highest potential. She has a passion for helping people live a healthy lifestyle and loves to share wonderful ideas and insights.  Highly recommended! 

D.W., RI
Elaine is the most AMAZING energy healer! Her kind, effervescent spirit is undeniable. Her empathy & compassion reach through her smile as she directs healing energy your way.  I've had the opportunity to be a direct recipient of her healing work and it is nothing short of miraculous. 


This beautiful soul is an absolute blessing and I am so fortunate to have found her on my healing journey.   

Kate, RI

Elaine’s faith is a rock unlike anyone I’ve ever met. 

P.G., RI

Wonderful to learn more about health and wellness through her facebook page!

E.M., RI

I had a Reiki session with Elaine last week that eased pain that I had been experiencing in my knee for weeks. Today I ran 6 miles with no pain. The session alleviated a strong hold of stress that was causing me routine injury/pain.

The heat coming from Elaine's hands was remarkable. Highly recommended!

Jami, RI

I have suffered from neuropathy for two years and now, the side effects of radiation treatment, Elaine’s treatment put me on the path to lesson the pain and discomfort. She is intuitive and I could feel her positive energy. I would see her every day if I could!  

M.F., RI

I recently was privileged to receive a Reiki treatment from Elaine DeJoy. What a fantastic experience it was for me! In the midst of the chaos of Christmas preparations I was brought to a level of Peace and Relaxation that got me through the rest of my day and week. Elaine has such a special gift to share. I highly recommend that you all should take advantage of this talent and give yourself a special gift.