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If you are tired of not feeling well, you can begin your journey of natural healing today...

Alternative Health Options

Reiki for relaxation & health

Reiki for Relaxation & Health

  • Reiki is a relaxing experience and provides deep, therapeutic relaxation for your mind, body and spirit.

  • It works by channeling positive energy into your body where it is needed the most.

  • Reiki assists your body's innate healing processes, improving well-being.

  • Reiki sessions relieve emotional stress, and improve overall well being.

Mindfulness coaching and classes

Mindfulness Coaching & Classes

Elaine DeJoy is a Mindfulness Coach and can support you in improving awareness, openness and focus. 

The practice of mindfulness can reduce stress, increase self-awareness, enhance your focus and enable you to handle painful thoughts, feelings, or memories, far more effectively.

Learn how to stay focused on today and stop your mind from racing in too many directions and deal with everyday stress in your life.

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What will work best for you?

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"Elaine has so much knowledge and advice about natural healing as well as ways to strive to reach your highest potential. She has a passion for helping people live a healthy lifestyle and loves to share wonderful ideas and insights." Highly recommended! 
- KC

I have suffered from neuropathy, and Elaine’s treatment put me on the path to lesson the pain and discomfort. She is intuitive and I could feel her positive energy. I would see her every day if I could! 
- Jamie

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