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My name is Elaine DeJoy and I am passionate about energy healing, holistic

alternatives and helping people feel better - naturally.

After watching a loved one deal with a life-threatening battle and putting

into practice what I have known and learned over the years, I knew it was

time to bring what I know to you.

I have seen first hand the benefits of what holistic healing can do for myself,

friends and family, clients, and yes, even pets.


If you are tired of: not feeling well, in pain all the time, dealing with a chronic

illness, not sleeping, stressed, low energy, can't focus, or dealing with PTSD, give

me a call and let's get you feeling better in a more natural way.

Covid-19 has affected people and stress levels are at an all time high, holistic healing can help relieve the stress & tension.

Store owner Elaine

Download and review the Integrative Advocay Presentation!

certified energy healer

Certified Cranial Sacral Therapist

Certified Energy Healer


Certified Karuna Reiki Master - (Certified Teacher)

Certified Chakra Balancing and Meridian Clearing


Certified Mindfulness Practitioner Coach


Headache & Pain Relief

Hot Stone Foot Massage

Reiki/Energy Healer for Pets

Classes & Events

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