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Hot Stone Foot Massage & Benefits

What are the benefits of a hot stone massage?

Hot Stones were originally used in the past by Native Americans. A hot stone massage was comprised of placing several basalt volcanic stones, heated on fire, on the sore parts of the body. Now of course we don’t use fire or volcanic stones, what we use looks more like a crock pot … but the results are the same.

The stones can be placed along your back (spine area), torso, chest, feet, palms and toes. Sometimes a hot stone massage can be alternated with a cold stone massage to help reduce the redness and engorgement of the vessels across the body.

Hot Stone Therapy helps:

Melt away tension and pain
Ease Muscle stiffness
Increases circulation & Metabolism
Reduces Stress & Anxiety
Promotes Better Sleep

As muscles relax they release toxins, so we always recommend drinking plenty of water after a hot stone massage to flush these out and leave your body detoxified.




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