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Holistic energy

Do you need immediate relief from pain, anxiety or stress?

There are so many things you can do to help yourself naturally, scroll down to learn more!

Holistic energy work and other natural methods are extremely beneficial in helping you deal with pain, anxiety and stress, all naturally.  

What We DO

Beautiful Nature
Beautiful Nature

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Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Effective, gentle hands-on approach that releases pain and tension deep in the body.

Anxious Stressed or Overwhelmed Image

Anxious, Stressed or Overwhelmed?

Incorporating holistic modalities help you live a happier, stress- free life.

Feel like you need a reset or boost?

Energy work can give you a reset and get you feeling like yourself.

Mind Reset boost

Pain, Tension or Headaches?

Holistic healing can help you with all of the above.

Pain tension oer headaches relief
Crysatl Bowl singing Meditation

Crystal Bowl Singing Meditation

Immerse yourself with music therapy and let go of tension and stress.

First Responders, Cancer Patients or Veteran

Energy work used to facilitate healing on all levels, physical, emotional and mental.

First Responders, Cancer Patients or Veteran

Hot Stone Toe/Foot Massage & Benefits

Hot Stone Therapy helps tension and pain, muscle stiffness and much more.

hotstone massage foot pic
Pet relaxation

Something for your Pet

Benefits include relaxation, supporting healing, grief or anxiety and behavioral issues.

If you are tired of: not feeling well, in pain all the time, dealing with a chronic illness, not sleeping, stressed, low energy, can't focus, or dealing with PTSD, give me a call and let's get you feeling better in a more natural way.

The goal is always to help you to feel better - naturally.

With the rise of PTSD, Cancer and many other afflictions, many people are coming to the realization that the status quo is not working.  With resistance to antibiotics and an ever-increasing load of stress and anxiety, we need more effective ways to combat these epidemics and illnesses.  Health care experts know ‘stress’ is a leading factor in all diseases.  Over 75% of all doctor visits are related to stress.

People need alternatives and you will find a lot of information here. Holistic Alternatives treat a person in their entirety which includes body, emotions, mind and spirit thereby generating beneficial effects that include relaxation, peace, security and well-being.  All are natural and safe methods of self-empowerment with no side effects (except feeling better). These modalities have for centuries been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a positive effect.  Holistic alternative does not interfere with any medications but can actually aid your body in healing.

You are Energy, your body responds and reacts to your circumstances in and around you.  Some people deal with being overwhelmed, anxious or stressed, others deal with pain or headaches, and others may just feel ‘off centered or out of balance’ almost like they need a reset or reboot their energy level.

Whatever you are going through, each session is custom created to address your specific needs.

Healings practitioner Elaine
Store owner pic, Elaine

Meet your practitioner
Elaine DeJoy

Pets healings

I offer Reiki and pain relief services for pets, in your own home.

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I had a Reiki session with Elaine last week that eased pain that I had been experiencing in my knee for weeks. Today I ran 6 miles with no pain! The heat coming from Elaine's hands was remarkable. Highly recommended!

E Matteson, South Kingstown, RI

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